£4.8 billion spent on online adverts in 2011

£1 in every £4 invested by advertisers is spent online1

City Local | The Market Screen Shot

CityLocal Vouchers

  • Huge Appeal

    People are talking: they are using social networks to recommend deals to friends.

  • Local Business Benefits

    Online vouchers will attract new customers to a business

Screenshot of online vouchers to attract new customers

With substantial investment in the development of CityLocal, the website is on track to achieve over 150 million hits in 2012!

We have built our online platform to provide great content, exciting offers and vouchers, and useful adverts. The result is a website that is easily found by people searching for local businesses, from cinemas to yoga instructors.

Alongside our feature-rich business listings, people looking for deals can find amazing special offer vouchers from local businesses on CityLocal.

Franchisees support their local business community, consumers love it, and businesses thrive on it!

But we don't keep this to ourselves; we help people share these offers with their friends online by email, on their mobile phone, using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks - helping good news to get around fast!

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1 Source: Internet Advertising Bureau. 2 Source: Voucher Buddy

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