Online Visibility

Local businesses need to be found on the best internet search engines.

For businesses that wish to be found on Google, CityLocal can offer highly sophisticated and keyword targeted business listings. Thousands of small and medium sized businesses have very little, if any presence on the internet.

Local businesses need an internet presence to be able to compete in an ever more aggressive market. Simply having a website is no longer good enough, especially if it cannot be found.

Being found easily is vital if they are to attract. business. To get high rankings on the internet businesses may have to spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds to be ‘seen’. Often spending countless hours and resources in obtaining this visibility may prove to be a big task and even bigger challenge. This is where CityLocal can offer a real service!

Search Engine Optimisation with CityLocal

Here is an example:

A family pub in Dundee is offering an excellent dining experience and realise that a lot of their customers find them online and that they have to be found on the search engines for their keywords. This may be a daunting task for the manager who is putting all their energy into making sure that they are attending to their business.

However, if they choose to subscribe to the Keyword Targeted Service with CityLocal, they will definitely be found. (Please talk to Head Office to find more about this service)

You can help businesses with or without a website to be found on the best internet search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

What if you could help local businesses get found high up on the best internet search engines from as low as £25 per month?

"At less than the cost of a newspaper, this presents excellent value!"

Businesses can even login to their own listing and change the content of their listing. More importantly, they can see how many times their listing has been viewed and how many times their own web link has been clicked on.

This is the kind of confirmation businesses need to know that their online marketing campaign is paying dividends.

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